Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess what I just figured out!

Hello, Sara here... I just figured out Steve's password! Hopefully he can start blogging again soon! I emailed him at work so now he HAS to!

Ok, bye!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Super Spin

I just returned from a week in SOUTHERN Indiana. The casino was right on the boarder of Louisville and I was there to install a Super Spin(Pictured Above). This project normally takes three tech three days to complete. We like to add additional techs and complete the project in two days. this case we had 5 techs working long days and it still took a week to complete. Everything that could go wrong did! We lost half a day due to the casino not getting there machines out of the way. Then we had to wait for power then the casino lost some of the chips then they changed there mind about the set-up of the machine then we had to move the entire thing with sign 15 inches to the left (That was tons of fun) then we found things were broken from the factory then the casino decided to move 8 other machines install 8 other new machines and remove 16 of our machines...all at the same time. It was the defiantly the worst install I have ever done. Okay I'm done venting. On the bright side to makes it that much better to be home! Oh ya...the entire time a was panicking about Sara going into labor.

Let the music play

It has been a lonnnng time I know!

To complete my last blog the Durango was fixed. They had to replace the entire dashboard to fix the problems. Once they replaced the dash we received a call from the dealer asking if our outside temperature gauge always read -4o degrease. No it didn't! So then they had to fix that and the hole ordeal is now over and everything works great. I love my Durango but that dealership was horable.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ya...It's got a Hemi

But no SOUND!

So the stereo on the Durango started turning the volume down on it own. The volume control on the steering column also would only turn the volume down, so I figured the switch went bad. I scheduled an appointment to bring it to the local dealer. At the end of the day I called to find out the progress and they told me they did two recalls to take care of some other issues and they had to order a new switch for the column. I said no problem and took the work van home. Day two...I worked a crazy day and didn't bother with the dealership. Today is day three and when I called this time the switch didn't fix the problem, they called the main repair headquarters to find out there manuals have wrong information about what voltages go were and now they are replacing the entire instrument cluster. They "think" this well take care of the stereo. All that for the volume? I am glad I have a work van I can use! Free gas for me :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Nascar season is starting! I have set-up a privet group on the bellow site. It is the same one we do each year. If anyone else would like to join you will need to create a user then join the private group. The group name and password is "nascar". I didn't do Steve wins because that didn't work! Good Luck and start your engines.

Click HERE for the Las Vegas auto racing group! E-mail me if you have any problems and I'll walk you through it. Once you sign up, there will be a link that says "Join Private Group". Click on that and the log-in and password for both is nascar.

Food Cravings

So Sara, had her weirdest food craving yet! Yesterday for lunch we had roast beef sandwiches and potato chips. Once she finished the sandwich she went and washed it down with a banana and though nothing of it, at least not until I pointed out what she was mixing together. All she could say was "it sounded good". :)

That's my pregnant wife!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Mystery

We all know that Sara's favorite time of year is Christmas. She loves the thrill of waiting to open her presents bright and early Christmas morning...Ya right! We haven't made it to morning in forever and lately I have been even more of a push over. This year I have decided that Sara can open her present once she has guessed what it is. I am writing this blog to give her clues as to what her present is. You can all play along just don't help her or post what you think she is getting. Once she has guessed correctly I will post again and you can respond with your ideas. Once that is done I well let you know what it was.

Clue One: What I got isn't "very" expensive but it is hard to find. There is about 500,000 of these in the world and the one I got came from Tipton. have never heard of that city? Well, drive into Iowa until you see nothing but corn field for 100 miles. I wish I could say that I was only their for the Christmas present but I was out that way for work.

Clue Two: The plural version of "I".

Clue Three: A weapon Bruce Lee uses in his moves.

Clue Four: Two famous Italian Bothers.

Clue Five: Even my mom will be able to get past the barking dog!

Any ideas? Remember don't give her any help but say if you think you know what it is.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dane Cook

I had to add a back story to Sara's latest blog.

She posted a blog with a Support or Troops link that Brooke had originally sent her. At the end of the post she also wants everyone to help spread the word about this link...what she doesn't say is that she e-mail the link to Dane Cook and the same link is now posted on HIS web-site! I bet no one knew just how influential our Sara was. We don't know if it was just Sara's e-mail that got him to add it to his site but it would be one heck of a coincidence. Go baby!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The big bone...

Sara and I were walking around the pet store when we say this huge dog bone. We couldn't help but think how funny it would be to see Teal'c and Dakota trying to chew this we got it. Teal'c is obsessed with the thing, even though he can't chew or move it. He will sit for hours on end guarding it against Dakota trying to figure out what to do with it. Once Dakota takes over she can at least chew the thing and has even managed to move it. It has been hilarious watching these two with the bone!